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Available to work in both the Las Vegas and Anaheim areas.

About Me


Coming from a skilled trade background in construction (licensed excavation & grading contractor), I decided to make a long time favorite hobby my new trade when the construction industry in Las Vegas hit the skids.

Since purchasing professional video equipment in 2008, I have had the opportunity to work with many wonderful camera people, videographers and editors, all who were willing to share the power of their knowledge and skills with me. Because of them I can now help you with your creative video needs.

Being a producer for "LIVE! from the Double Down Saloon" I have been able to meet and work with some of the most talented underground entertainers, film makers, artists and musicians in Las Vegas and the world. Being a live production, the show is subject to guest cancellations and technical issues so I've learned how to quickly resolve these issues and still put on a good show.

While I was the videographer for RAW Artists here in Las Vegas I honed my interview / editing skills to efficiently produce a quality product.

I have also been involved with several reality show sizzlers as both a cameraman and soundman. But one of the most exciting projects I was part of was the making of was "Confessions of a Father", in which I was the audio engineer for a two day interview with Joe Jackson (father of Michael Jackson) here in Las Vegas.

In 2011 I began working with IATSE Local 720 where I am a camera operator as well.

Having the above skillsets is allowing me to build on even more ideas and venture into the more creative aspects of videography such as writing and directing.

Your project is very important to me and I will work to give you the best product possible.

Thank you for your time.

Steve Fodor


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Available to work both Las Vegas and Anaheim.

Phone: 702-460-9327

email: steve@stevefodor.com

FTP: ftp://ftp_01.stevefodor.com
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snail mail:
850 S. Boulder Hwy #440
Henderson NV 89015